1,000,000 Personalized Cryptocurrency Tokens



Would you like to be a cryptocurrency millionaire?  Did you ever dream of having your own, personalized cryptocurrency that you can give away to your followers?  Are you looking for that unique gift for the person who has everything?  Want to have some fun with cryptocurrency?

BECOME A CRYPTOCURRENCY MILLIONAIRE!  That's right, we will write and deploy an ERC20 smart contract on the Polygon blockchain that will create a million tokens with a name that you pick and send them to your free digital wallet!  This cryptocurrency is entirely yours to keep or trade!

    What do you get with this order?

    • 1,000,000 Personalized ERC20 Tokens on the Polygon blockchain
    • A custom smart contract deployed on the blockchain
    • Gas fees covering the transfer of all tokens to your digital wallet
    • Instructions on how to view, send, and receive your tokens
    • A digital certificate showing that you are a cryptocurrency millionaire

    After you place your order, we will mint your tokens and transfer them to the ETH address that you listed above.  THIS WILL TAKE UP TO 72 HOURS.  We will email you when your tokens have been sent. 

    REVIEW THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.  We only support Metamask wallets (available for free at www.metamask.io).  ERC20 tokens work with other digital wallets, but we will only provide instructions and support for Metamask.  While these are real cryptocurrency tokens that you will have full ownership of, please use them responsibly.  These tokens are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant as an investment.  They are a real cryptocurrency, but you can't really use them to buy a jet.