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December 10, 2018

I have a confession to make.  I find the holidays depressing.  I don't feel particularly like sharing how or why, but I wanted to put it out there.  I'm hardly the only one and I find it unfortunate that mental health is so easily sidelined because we are "supposed" to be happy around the holidays (here's some tips to help).

So, I'm feeling a little low.  But I know that things will get better.  It might be tomorrow and it might not.  Maybe it won't be until the holidays are over.  I try to prepare myself for that eventuality and cope as best that I can.  Eventually, however, things will look brighter and shinier if I just hold on long enough.  It provides no immediate relief, but I can be patient.

Patience is an underrated characteristic in our on-demand society of smart phones, fast food, Netflix, and social media. As I realized on my recent trip to China when my phone connection was often spotty, we are embedded within "right here right now" expectations. But that's just not realistic when it comes to the emotional hurdles that are part of life. It takes time and work and, well, patience.  Sometimes there isn't an option beyond simply slugging through the difficult times until a brighter light shines through.

Patience makes for a terrible action movie.  Certainly montages are a way to show the passage of time, but Patienceman is unlikely to appear in a comicbook or movie any time soon.  Perhaps the Time Stone is the closest that we will get.  Still, if you having a difficult time this season, don't forget the power that patience can have.  If you need more immediate help, please check out one of these hotlines.


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