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So, I was at the grocery store on Monday.  This would be April 6, 2020 just a few days after the Center for Disease Control recommended that everyone wear masks in public. I was disappointed to see that well less than half of the people there were following CDC guidelines and wearing masks. This even included several store workers who were not wearing masks either!

I began to think about why that was. I mean, the government is recommending wearing masks, we know that it helps protect ourselves and others, there are literally lives on the line. Why are people still walking around without masks? Having spent significant time in Asia, where masks were common before COVID-19, I know that it makes a big difference when something is a cultural norm. Even when lives are on the line, people have trouble moving beyond their cultural norms for behavior. We are fundamentally social creatures even in this world of social distancing and we won't do something if we don't feel like others are doing it.

We need more people to feel normal wearing masks in public.

We need people to realize that other people are wearing masks.

I now declare every Monday to be #maskedmonday.

So, every Monday I would like to encourage you to post a photo or video of you wearing a mask, if you are a streamer, stream while wearing a mask. Use #maskedmonday. Let's flood social media with masks every Monday until it becomes part of our new normal and people start feeling comfortable wearing their masks to the grocery store.

Lives depend on it.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/maskedmonday

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/maskedmonday/


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