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November 15, 2018

I've been thinking about this idea of heroes.  First, it's because an area child did something heroic that really did help save a life.  Also, because Stan Lee died and I have been seeing a lot of memes about heroes.  It's not that I am against heroes (or especially superheroes), but I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with the public recognition. I was thinking about the lives that were lost in the current wildfires or the people struggling to escape oppression and, literally, putting their lives as risk to bring themselves and their children our of deadly and war-torn environments. Rarely do people call them heroes despite their struggles, successes and even failures.

What about the people who let the world know about their gender conversion and risk ridicule to normalize a process that many people desire to go through?  Or people who love where love is forbidden?  The single parent struggling to support young children and ensure that they have a good life?  The person who files a complaint against a coworker who discriminated?  Rarely will they carry the moniker of hero.

That's OK because heroes rarely do it for the recognition.  I might even suggest that the truest heroes never do it for the recognition and that we are awash in heroes who will never be recognized as such. Still they are out there and I want to pause to give them some credits. Perhaps unnoticed, but no less important.

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