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May 20, 2019

Taiwanese Night Market

I'm in Taiwan right now and thinking about what it means to be a Nerd.  When I am traveling, I really like to go to markets (like the Shilin Night market in the picture) and that includes shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.  I even had the chance to go to a mall that had several anime, manga, and related stores. I saw a gaming setup that just made me drool. While there is definitely more of a male audience for some nerd products, there was a variety of ages and some women as well in the stores.

It reminded me that the various fandoms, games, shows, cartoons, movies, anime that capture our passions should be things that bring us together and not something that divides us. Part of this means looking past appearances and not jumping to conclusions regarding how outward appearances relate to internal interests. I'm not saying that appearances don't matter because we all make efforts to present ourselves in particular ways as we choose our clothing each morning. I'm just saying that these appearances are often fleeting and ephemeral compared to things that really matter. Like what happened on Game of Thrones last night...

Just kidding. Sort of.  On Friday, Taiwan will become the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.  That's a huge deal!  Unfortunately, I will be leaving before that but I am proud to see a country looking past the little things that make us different and focusing on things that bring people together. I hope that all you nerds out there will do the same in your day to day lives because I really think it matters. 

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