Coming Soon:  The DigiDenizen Discord Game

Coming Soon: The DigiDenizen Discord Game

When we launched the DigiDenizen NFT collection in January of this year, our goal was to create something that would bring the Noname Nerd community together in a fun, interactive way.  Our vision was for the DigiDenizens to serve as a place for people who love retro-RPG games to come together and play together.  We started this with an interactive story that already has several chapters that, not only are playing out in classic "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style, but also provide NFT owners with the opportunity to win cash prizes if they own one of the characters that appear in the story (if you want to know if your NFT is a winning one, just go to our Discord server via and go to channel #digidenizen-most-wanted.

Here's what you can look forward to with the game:

  1. It will operate on our Discord server via an interactive bot that will allow you to battle monsters and other NFT owners, earn NerdCoin, level up your NFT and more!
  2. Your NerdCoin and experience points will stay with your NFT even if you buy and sell it.
  3. In the future, you will be able to exchange your NerdCoin for REAL items!
  4. In the future, you will be able to play the DigiDenizen game on other Discord servers as well!

We're super excited about this new opportunity for all you nerds to interact and play together.  The game is very much in beta (and probably always will be) as our goal is to roll it out rapidly and add features as quickly as possible as more people begin playing.  We want the game to evolve with the community!

All you need to play is a DigiDenizen NFT which is only $4.99 right now (you will need to keep it in a Metamask wallet and use a desktop computer to register, but after that you can play via the Discord app on your phone).  HOWEVER, I must warn you that we are going to raise the price of the DigiDenizen NFT when we launch the game next week so if you want to get your NFT for only $4.99 or stock up order yours today!

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